There are my bedroom 在(zài) 卧(wò) 室(shì) 里(lǐ) 有(yǒu)...

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8 minutes Chinese Class 

bā fēn           钟  ,      Only 8 minutes  zhōng  

Learning Chinese with a fun 

(xué) (zhōng) (wén) (zhēn) (yǒu) (

1.          shì  bedroom

2.      chuáng    bed

3.     zhāng   chuáng  one bed

4.     zhěn   tóu    pillow

5.     bèi     zi        quilt

6.    chuáng    dān  bed sheet

7.     chuáng    diàn  mattress

8.     shuì      yī  pajamas

9.     tuō    xié   sleepers

Todays grammar structure 

There are something somewhere 

Chinese grammar structure is opposite  

In somewhere + there are + something 

zài ...... prep. + yǒu + objects 

在......   prep. +  有  +

zài wòshì   yǒu chuáng  zhěn  tóu   bèi zi

There are a bed ,pillows & a quilt .


1. Chinese grammar structure usually location goes before verbs. 

In somewhere + there are + something and something 

2.    zài …… +  (    yǒu) 

It means in ...or inside ...

里 lǐ  is a prep. , it means in or inside  

zài   wò    shì 

in the bedroom 

(zài) (bāo) ()   

in a bag

BUT  in bed is 

  zài    chuáng  shàng

上 shàng means on 

Also  in + country /city / mall... Those words are directly to do with place and location, no    here.

just say zài + somethere 

1.    zài   zhōng  国    guó

2.    zài  shànghǎi

3.   zài   kā fēi  guǎn


ok, so much for today , any questions ?

Practice makes perfect !


Enjoy your time !

Thank you ! 

谢(xiè) 谢(xiè) 你(nǐ)

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