Lets bring onions to school ?! 背(bēi)葱(cōng)上(shàng)学(xué)

摘要: LOL,lets bring some green Chinese onions to school ? Why ? Please find out more at AboutSpeaking Chinese ......

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kuài lái xué zhōng wén ,

bié xián  着  。zhe

Enjoy learning Chinese, 

keep yourself  active !


This lovely boy carried a lot of food to his school at the first 

school day .

His mum  prepared these food for him , actually he also carries his  familys good wishes .

This just happend on 1st of Sep in Chang shu ,Jiang su province 

Behind this life comedy , thats something to do with Chinese cluture, also it is to do with a pun  which playes on words for hilarious effect. 

Because some words do have  a sound connection with other words, then it has a deeper meaning.

 Lets see the below ??

1.葱(cōng) green Chinese onion  ?  

 聪(cōng) 明(míng)smart 

2.苹(píng)果(guǒ)  apple             ? 

  平(píng) 安(ān) safe & peaceful

3.菱(líng)角(jiǎo)  water chestnut ?  

伶(líng)?俐(lì)  bright, witty 

4.方(fāng)便(biàn)面(miàn) instant noodles  

5.糖(táng)果(guǒ)  sweet & candy


6.文(wén)具(jù)用(yòng)品(pǐn)  stationery 

我(wǒ)  背(bēi) 着(zhe) 葱(cōng),拎(līn) 着(zhe) 很(hěn) 多(duō) 吃(chī) 的(de)。

*背(bēi) : to carry on your back

*拎(līn) : to carry by your hands 


小(xiǎo)  朋(péng) 友(yǒu), 东(dōng) 西(xī) 重(zhòng) 不(bu) 重(zhòng)?

Kid, are these things heavy ?


你(nǐ) 看 (kàn) 得(de) 出(chū)   我(wǒ)的(de)快(kuài)乐(lè)

You can tell my happiness .



Its impressive of you if you understand all of these!



Panda, have a try !


Enjoy your time !

Thank you ! 

谢(xiè) 谢(xiè) 你(nǐ)

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